Dear Stranger,

You may be asking yourself, "What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is NICE PEOPLE CLUB?"

The answer is simple:

NICE PEOPLE CLUB is a-way-of-life where a world of complete strangers, perform Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) all in the name of being NICE!

Then, this community shares their Random Acts of Kindness, when they post their stories online, all in the hope of inspiring, even more Random Acts of Kindness.


Ted is late for work and he is about to check out at a grocery store. But just before he can get to the line, Mimi pulls into the lane with a shopping cart full of items. Mimi notices Ted’s exasperated look and tells him that he can “go first” and so Ted cuts in front of Mimi and begins to pay. Just as Ted is about to finish his transaction, he turns to Mimi and says “thank you.”

Now in the real world this is where the exchange would end, but in the world of NICE PEOPLE CLUB the following would take place.

Ted turns to Mimi and asks for her name. She looks at him strangely and asks why he wants her name. Ted responds “I want to nominate you for the Nice People Club” She smiles and tells him her name and Ted says “Nice!”

Later that night Ted logs onto the internet and goes to www.nicepeopleclub.com.

He then proceeds to give a detailed account of Mimi’s Random Act of Kindness on the NICE PEOPLE CLUB.com BLOG for all to see and be inspired by.

It's that simple and that AWESOME!

Sincerely Smile,
Nice People Club President
Mr. Smile

The Rules of Nice People Club

Rule 1- Tell people about Nice People Club

Rule 2- Tell MORE people about Nice People Club

Rule 3 – Say the word “Nice!” after every Random Act of Kindness

Rule 4 – If someone performs a Random Act of Kindness for you, ask them if you can nominate them for Nice People Club (and don’t forget their name so you can give them credit).

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